FirmaChain, joining DTT ALLIANCE

Greetings this is FirmaChain

We are pleased to announce the joining of blockchain based TSA, Time Stamping Authority and Data Verification Alliance DTT(Decentralized Trusted Timestamping Alliance).

Distributed TSA is a blockchain technology called timestamping that automatically records the details of data creation, modification, and utilization to ensure the public confidence of documents.

After COVID-19, the Framework Act on Electronic Documents and E-Commerce, the enactment of the Data 3 Act, and the public certificate were abolished. DTT Alliance is a corporate community that jointly addresses various market opportunities and barriers with the aim of establishing a distributed TSA service ecosystem that replaces existing centralized electronic archives or authorized document relayers in preparation for the future of the data certification and distribution market.

Many IT, SI, ECM, CloudMSP, Security, Blockchain-based companies such as CJ Olive Networks, Daebo Information and Communication, LOTTE Information and Communication, Bespin Global, Busan International Film Festival, EXSoft, INITECH, Xangle, Chain Partners, torpedo, Fujitsu Korea, Hyundai AutoEver, Aergo(AERGO), Tokamak Network(TON), and others are participating in DTT Alliance. They will be used in various data verification processes, including MyData, medical record management, and development code audits, as well as in the financial and public sectors, which are essential elements of electronic documents/electronic contracts, and will develop into a single source of trust and value-added communication network in which core data is distributed.

By joining DTT Alliance, FirmaChain will strive to establish a decentralized TSA service ecosystem based on blockchain to overcome the limitations of existing centralized electronic document archives or authorized electronic document relayers, and will expand the ecosystem through cooperation with DTT Alliance partners and activation of transparent, blockchain based electronic contract platforms in untact markets and private certification markets.

Thank you.

About FirmaChain

FirmaChain is an electronic contract and decentralized data storage platform that utilizes blockchain technology to prevent forgery, efficiently solving all of the limits of current electronic contract services. Through FirmaChain’s electronic contract service “Duite”, negotiations, transactions and editing history can be safely recorded without the contractors needing to meet in person. In addition, in the decentralized data storage of FirmaChain, miners and users can contract to store a certain file. The user transmits the file to be saved to the miner, and when the file transfer is completed, the miner encrypts the file and then copies, encrypts the file. Proof of file storage is then recorded on to the blockchain.

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